"Ho,ho.it's a pirates life for me"

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I have three.

Lawrence, The Rainbow; Same size and jacket design as my 1964 cover 8
copy.  No torchbearer or reference to ML on the outside, but the front
flap has the same script with reference to other Lawrence books in the
series.  Book has ML title page and Random House copyright page, it has
a dark green cover with silver print.  Label from Chin Ehan books,
Taipei, Taiwan, and the blue block with Chinese characters.

The first of the two "giants" I have is The Complete Works of Homer.
Has the same red cover with charioteers and no reference to ML.  Front
flap discusses the ML Giant series.  Copyright page references Random
House, 1950.  Book is only 7 5/5" high, dark green cover with silver
print.  Probably same pirate outfit as the Lawrence above.

Tolstoy's War and Peace is the second giant.  Front of cover is the same
as the ML jacket and states "A Modern Library Giant", front flap has the
torchbearer.  Cover seems to be the same tan with silver on the spine as
Scott describes.

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I do not believe that we have many pirate titles,as the  "real books"
were so reasonable in price to begin with,thus a short list?  
This is what I have....I sure would like to know what  titles other
collectors have.
Al with DJ
1.) Three volume Gibbon
2.) Wisdom Of Confucius
3.) Wisdom Of Laotse
4.) Sons And Lovers
5.) War And Peace
6.) Brothers Karamazov
7.) The Complete Tales And Poems Of Edgar Allan Poe



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