FAQ Project: Bindings section up

Scot Kamins kamins at dogeared.com
Sun Nov 23 14:36:18 EST 2003

At 2:16 PM -0500 11/23/03, Allbooks at aol.com wrote:
>Scot,  Is there some file that would enable me to print all or most 
>of your FAQs/ML website, as a single run, rather than clicking and 
>printing on each individual question?


Sorry - there isn't. I create everything in separate files on my 
computer and upload them that way to the Internet.

I debated whether to structure the FAQ with all the content/answers 
on the same page as the questions but ultimately decided on the 
present structure. My thinking was that (1) a 50-question FAQ all on 
one page would result in a very long page indeed and might take too 
long to load for people with slow dial-up accounts; and (2) editing 
such a page might be problematic as the FAQ grew over time, 
especially if I wanted to add graphics here and there.

Scot Kamins

"Modern Library books are intended to be read and not just to be 
stuck away in bookcases like old sets of Balzac and Victor Hugo..."
                    - Bennett Cerf

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