REDUX: Need help describing Blumenthal binding

Scot Kamins kamins at
Sat Nov 22 14:30:53 EST 2003


Krygier immediately came through with the scan I needed. (WHAT a group!!!)

Also, research unveiled additional info. Here's the new text:

"Named for its designer Joseph Blumenthal (1897-1990), Blumenthal 
bindings (type 8) were used for all Modern Library regular issues in 
the period 1939-1963. They were made up of linen cloth over thick, 
stiff cardboard with dark label panels with gold lettering on the 
spine and front cover, and logos designed by Rockwell Kent. The 
bindings came in red, green, blue, and gray (but each title came in 
just one color)."

Scot Kamins
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