Need help describing Blumenthal binding

Scot Kamins kamins at
Sat Nov 22 14:02:07 EST 2003

I'm working on the Bindings section of the FAQ and I'm having a bit 
of trouble describing the entry for Blumenthal bindings. Here's what 
I've got, but I'm not sure if my cut-off date is accurate:

"Named for its designer Joseph Blumenthal, Blumenthal bindings were 
used for all Modern Library regular issues in the period 1939-1963 
(type 8 binding). The binding is composed of linen cloth over stiff 
cardboard with sewn book blocks, Kent endpapers, and a characteristic 
style of label and logo on both the spine and front cover."

(By the way, I'd include a scan or two but my scanner is dead. This 
is also why I haven't been able to post some photos I have of some 
early titles sent by Dave Menkin.)
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