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A question:

How different must a variant jacket be for inclusion in The Great Dust
Jacket Project?

I have a copy of An Anthology of American Negro Literature, circa 1936 - 236
titles listed - and the jacket has blue edging rather than the red in the
image on the website.

It's here if you're interested - some chipping & soiling, but BLUE edging.
Not red.


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> Folks,
> I was complaining the other day about titles without image
> representation in the Dust Jacket Project data base. Sharon Biederman
> sent me an image of "Mary, Mary" from 1918, now available for viewing.
> "Gee - who wrote that?" you ask. I'm not telling you. But you can
> look it up yourself using Dogeared's newest feature, indexes by book
> title!
> Scroll down to the title, or use your Browser's Find function; then
> click the title.
> I've also constructed indexes (indeces?) for Giants and Numbered
> I constructed these puppies because I was really tired of using
> Google to see who wrote some book: I found that I remembered the
> title, but couldn't think of the author (and thus couldn't look it up
> easily in The Guide).
> And no, I haven't abandoned the FAQ project; I just needed a break from
> Enjoy,
> -- 
> Scot Kamins
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> Read what you collect. I mean, they ARE books!

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