DJ Project: New contribution and New Features

Scot Kamins kamins at
Thu Nov 13 13:56:32 EST 2003


I was complaining the other day about titles without image 
representation in the Dust Jacket Project data base. Sharon Biederman 
sent me an image of "Mary, Mary" from 1918, now available for viewing.

"Gee - who wrote that?" you ask. I'm not telling you. But you can 
look it up yourself using Dogeared's newest feature, indexes by book 

Scroll down to the title, or use your Browser's Find function; then 
click the title.

I've also constructed indexes (indeces?) for Giants and Numbered Paperbacks:

I constructed these puppies because I was really tired of using 
Google to see who wrote some book: I found that I remembered the 
title, but couldn't think of the author (and thus couldn't look it up 
easily in The Guide).

And no, I haven't abandoned the FAQ project; I just needed a break from it.


Scot Kamins
Read what you collect. I mean, they ARE books!

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