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That would be terrific!


At 9:55 PM -0500 11/10/03, Gordon Neavill wrote:
>Hi Scott,
>I have a small stack of early volumes with jackets waiting to be scanned and
>submitted, including the following:
>Child of Pleasure, D'Annunzio (ML, Inc.)
>Life of the Caterpillar, Fabre (B&L and ML, Inc.)
>Mary, Mary, Stephens (B&L)
>Poems, Davidson (ML, Inc.)
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>>  Folks,
>>  While working on an as-yet unannounced feature addition to Dogeared,
>>  I was shocked - SHOCKED! - to discover that we have no examples of
>>  the following two dozen (or so) titles. If anybody has one of these
>>  titles and a scanner/camera, please announce here that you'll be
>>  sending it right along. Thanks!
>>  An Unsocialist Socialist Shaw G.B.
>>  Ann Veronica Wells
>>  Belfry Sinclair
>>  Child of Pleasure D'Annunzio
>>  Contemporary Science Misc
>>  De Profundis Wilde
>>  Ego and His Own Stirner
>>  Fairy Tales and Poems in Prose      Wilde
>>  Hazard of New Fortunes Howells
>>  In a Winter City Ouida
>>  Jorn Uhl                 Frenssen
>>  Life of the Caterpillar Fabre
>>  Mary Mary Stephens
>>  McTeague Norris
>>  Men in War Latzko
>>  Poems Davidson
>>  Poems Wilde
>>  Salome and Other Plays Wilde
>>  Short Stories Maupassant
>>  Studies in Pessimism        Schopenhauer
>>  Une Vie and Bel Ami Maupassant
>>  Virgin Heart Gourmont
>>  War in the Air Wells
>>  --
>>  Scot Kamins
>>  ..................................
>>  Read what you collect. I mean, they ARE books!

Scot Kamins
Read what you collect. I mean, they ARE books!

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