Images missing from the database

Scot Kamins kamins at
Mon Nov 10 19:22:38 EST 2003

While working on an as-yet unannounced feature addition to Dogeared, 
I was shocked - SHOCKED! - to discover that we have no examples of 
the following two dozen (or so) titles. If anybody has one of these 
titles and a scanner/camera, please announce here that you'll be 
sending it right along. Thanks!

An Unsocialist Socialist	Shaw G.B.
Ann Veronica	Wells
Belfry	Sinclair
Child of Pleasure	D'Annunzio
Contemporary Science	Misc
De Profundis	Wilde
Ego and His Own	Stirner
Fairy Tales and Poems in Prose	     Wilde
Hazard of New Fortunes	Howells
In a Winter City	Ouida
Jorn Uhl	                Frenssen
Life of the Caterpillar	Fabre
Mary Mary	Stephens
McTeague	Norris
Men in War	Latzko
Poems	Davidson
Poems	Wilde
Salome and Other Plays	Wilde
Short Stories	Maupassant
Studies in Pessimism	       Schopenhauer
Une Vie and Bel Ami	Maupassant
Virgin Heart	Gourmont
War in the Air	Wells

Scot Kamins
Read what you collect. I mean, they ARE books!

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