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Hardy's Mayor of Casterbridge was in the ML from 1917 to 1971.  There were two typesettings of the text (the last numbered page of the 1917 setting is 318; the last numbered page of the second setting is 432).  The earliest copy I've seen of the 432 p. typesetting is fall 1947.

The Kilmer introduction was used until 1950 or so.  The Chew introduction was written for ML College Editions (1950) and replaced the Kilmer introduction in the next printing in the regular ML.  The earliest printing of the regular ML I've seen with the Chew introduction is fall 1952.

Binding 8 is found on three variants: (1) 318 p. with Kilmer introduction; (2) 432 p. with Kilmer introduction; (3) 432 p. with Chew introduction.


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  When did 17.1 become 17.2 (Hardy, Mayor of Casterbridge)?  The Guide says 17.2 is in binding 8 and lists Chew rather than Kilmer (as introduction, I presume).  I saw a copy in binding 8 that still has Kilmer as introduction and apparently using same plates as earlier (leatherette, etc.) editions with same number of pages, etc.

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