Out of Africa -- second ML edition spotted?

Carolyn and Murry Spector candm at eskimo.com
Tue Nov 4 21:45:12 EST 2003

Although it probably isn't, the woodcut version of Out of Africa, states
"Second Modern Library Edition, September, 1983."


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> Folks,
>   I received a direct e-mail question from somebody about a 2nd ML
> edition of Out of Africa. Comments on this?
> >
> >I have two copies, ML #23. They're identical, I think, except one has a
> >in between the copyright and table of contents, with an epigraph in
> >and blank verso. Would that be the later one? Is there a way to know for
> >sure? The copyright is 1937, 1952 by Random House. Does that make this a
> >second ML edition? The list in the back aren't full 1957 catalogs, only
> >giants.
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