Out of Africa -- second ML edition spotted? ANOTHER TWIST ..

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My FMLE of 23.2 states on the copyright page:

Copyright, 1938, 1952, by Random House, Inc.
First Modern Library Edition

Opposite the copyright page is the Latin "Equitare, Arcum tnedere,
Veritatem dicere"

A second copy I have, dating to 1959 states the following on the
copyright page:

Copyright, 1937. 1952, by Random House, Inc.

It also includes the Latin epigraph.

Notice the copyright date changed from 1937 to 1938 from the FMLE to the
reprint.  Otherwise, the editions are the same.

For comparison, the 1980's edition states:

Second Modern Library Edition
September 1983

Copyright 1937, 1938 bu Random House, Inc.
Copyright renewed 1965 by Rungstedludfonden.

The Library of Congress catalogue number has changed but the Latin
epigraph remains.

The pagination and the introduction are the same.  Does not look like a
different edition, just some copyright date changes.  Perhaps the copy
the individual has had the Latin page torn out or it was a manufacturing

John Wolansky

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  I received a direct e-mail question from somebody about a 2nd ML 
edition of Out of Africa. Comments on this?

>I have two copies, ML #23. They're identical, I think, except one has a
>in between the copyright and table of contents, with an epigraph in
>and blank verso. Would that be the later one? Is there a way to know
>sure? The copyright is 1937, 1952 by Random House. Does that make this
>second ML edition? The list in the back aren't full 1957 catalogs, only

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