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Where I am brand new to the list, I wouldn't dare answer a collector question , but THIS, This i can anser.

No, it's bad form to do this in a blatant i-just-want-to-use-your-shop for-research-kinda-way.

HOWEVER if you talk to the bookseller abotu yoru task before you whip out your notepad or pda, they will probably HELP you in this
Booksellers LOVE to show off our knowledge, and if you show you have some to share, we will forgive you for the research part.
ANd buy ONE book before you leave, and not a buck one from the box by the door either.


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> Subject: Newbie etiquette question
> At the risk of showing just how green a collector I am, I'd like to ask for
> some advice.
> Is it ok to bring a notepad into book shops to take some notes on what I
> see?  If I hit a few shops on a weekend afternoon, I'll see more ML's than
> I'll let myself buy.  Since my collection is so small, pretty much every
> title I see is a potential add to my collection. I'll choose based on my
> literary taste and condition, but I'd still like to note the titles I see,
> to start tracking what's common in my part of the country, and to make sure
> I don't pass up a find.
> Is this kosher?
> Thanks
> Rob Perrilleon
> Rochester, NY
> PS - Thanks to Scott and the modlib contributors for providing such great
> resources!
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