Newbie etiquette question

Rob Perrilleon rperrilleon at
Mon Mar 31 21:10:43 EST 2003

At the risk of showing just how green a collector I am, I'd like to ask for 
some advice.

Is it ok to bring a notepad into book shops to take some notes on what I 
see?  If I hit a few shops on a weekend afternoon, I'll see more ML's than 
I'll let myself buy.  Since my collection is so small, pretty much every 
title I see is a potential add to my collection. I'll choose based on my 
literary taste and condition, but I'd still like to note the titles I see, 
to start tracking what's common in my part of the country, and to make sure 
I don't pass up a find.

Is this kosher?
Rob Perrilleon
Rochester, NY

PS - Thanks to Scott and the modlib contributors for providing such great 

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