Ibsen Confusion

j b krygier jbkrygie at owu.edu
Sun Mar 30 13:00:54 EST 2003

Gordon Neavill wrote:

> John Gabriel Borkman was added to ML 6 in 1935.  This manifestation of ML 6
> remained in print through 1945 and exists in  balloon cloth and Blumenthal
> formats.
> The Master Builder replaced John Gabriel Borkman in spring 1946 and remained
> in print until 1957, when the entire volume was replaced by Ibsen's Six
> Plays, translated by Eva Le Gallienne (ML 6 and ML 305).  The text of the
> volume was entirely reset in 1946 when The Master Builder replaced John
> Gabriel Borkman.  H. L. Mencken's introduction (originally published in 1918
> in ML 26, The Master Builder, Pillars of Society, Hedda Gabler, and later
> included in the Giant Ibsen) was also added to the 1946 volume, thus
> restoring it to the regular ML after an absence of nearly ten years.
> Mencken's introduction was replaced in 1950 or shortly thereafter by Eric
> Bentley's introduction, originally written for ML College Editions.

Again, thanks for the excellent information.

For those following along in Henry's Guide (and for Scot
to add to the corrections page at dogeared some day):

6.2 dates changed from 35-40 to 35-45 with a T added in
the 40+ DJ column.  Anyone want to hazard a guess as to
a value for the hardcover version of 6.2?

6.3 dates changed from 40-50 to 46-50.


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