Ibsen Confusion

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John Gabriel Borkman was added to ML 6 in 1935.  This manifestation of ML 6
remained in print through 1945 and exists in  balloon cloth and Blumenthal

The Master Builder replaced John Gabriel Borkman in spring 1946 and remained
in print until 1957, when the entire volume was replaced by Ibsen's Six
Plays, translated by Eva Le Gallienne (ML 6 and ML 305).  The text of the
volume was entirely reset in 1946 when The Master Builder replaced John
Gabriel Borkman.  H. L. Mencken's introduction (originally published in 1918
in ML 26, The Master Builder, Pillars of Society, Hedda Gabler, and later
included in the Giant Ibsen) was also added to the 1946 volume, thus
restoring it to the regular ML after an absence of nearly ten years.
Mencken's introduction was replaced in 1950 or shortly thereafter by Eric
Bentley's introduction, originally written for ML College Editions.

The Ibsen Giant (1935) was a repackaging of the three Ibsen volumes
originally published in the Boni & Liveright series, with the addition of
John Gabriel Borkman and Peer Gynt.  John Gabriel Borkman was added to ML 6
at the time the Giant was published.

ML 54, The Wild Duck, The League of Youth, Rosmersholm, was dropped from the
regular ML shortly before the Giant was published.  The last part of the
Giant consisted of the three plays in ML 54 plus Peer Gynt.  Somewhere I've
seen a reference to Peer Gynt being added to ML 54, but I'm pretty sure that
never happened--at least I've never seen a copy.  If Peer Gynt was added to
ML 54, it probably would have been in the final printing shortly before it
was dropped from the series.  If anyone has a copy of ML 54 with Peer Gynt,
please let me know!


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> Hi Modlib,
> More confusion!
> I was our perusaling a local bookstore and found a copy
> of Ibsen's Plays which I am a bit confused by, given the
> info in Henry's Guide.
> This is a hard cover copy with Ghosts, A Doll's House,
> An Enemy of the People, and John Gabriel Borkman.  The
> list of titles on the DJ dates it to spring of 1943.
> There is no introduction, and it has 330 pages.
> A 1940 copy is shown on Scot's DJ pages:
> http://www.dogeared.com/authors/iAuthors/ibsenJackets.html
> Henry's Guide says that this particular combo of plays
> is 6.2, and it ended in 1940, replaced by 6.3 in hard
> cover, with the first three plays and the Master Builder
> replacing Mr. Borkman.  But 6.2 must have been in print until
> at least 1943.
> Curious what year 6.2 became 6.3 - or if I am just confused
> by all the different versions of this title.
> John K.

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