Wilde Confusion

j b krygier jbkrygie at owu.edu
Sat Mar 29 15:11:33 EST 2003

Gordon Neavill wrote:

 >>I recently found a copy of 125.3, Wilde's 'The Picture
 >>of Dorian Gray.'  This is the version without 'De Profundis'
 >>and with the redesigned DJ (with the stylized purple/black
 >>image of Wilde on the DJ).

> This was published in fall 1963.  The jacket of my copy has a fall 1963 list
> (includes Ellison, Invisible Man but not Malamud, Two Novels); 

Thanks Gordon, for the excellent information.

I had assumed this was one of the Fujita redesigned DJs,
but if I recall, these did not start until 1967.  This
title is interesting as it must have been among the first
of the redesigned DJs in the 1960s.  Don't know if the
fact that this was the first ML title back in 1917 had
anything to do with the redesign.

John K.

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