Wilde Confusion

j b krygier jbkrygie at owu.edu
Thu Mar 27 13:22:03 EST 2003

Hi Modlib,

I recently found a copy of 125.3, Wilde's 'The Picture
of Dorian Gray.'  This is the version without 'De Profundis'
and with the redesigned DJ (with the stylized purple/black
image of Wilde on the DJ).

Henry's Guide lists 1943-70 for this title, but that is
a typo and is corrected on Scot's pages to 1967-70.

The copy I have is in binding 11 (1963-67), but the Guide
says the first of this edition is spine 13 (1967-68).

The back of my DJ is style 'L' on p. 166 of the Guide,
which, as the Guide indicates, was used only in 1966,
suggesting I have a 1966 printing.

The image of this DJ on Scot's DJ pages indicates a
date of 1963.


So - do I have a first of this version of Dorian Gray,
or were there earlier printings (1963)?  What year and
spine are correct for the 1st?

If I have a 1st, were there subsequent printings (the
Guide indicates only a 1st printing of this title).

Finally: The Guide suggests that 125.2, 'Dorian Gray'
with De Profundis' was in print until 1970.  Was this
dual title in print after 125.3 became available?  Or
did 125.3 replace 125.2?  Anyone have a copy of 125.2
in binding 12-14?

I earnestly await your responses,


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