"facsimile" DJs on rare MLs

Sharon Biederman sbiederm at nova.umuc.edu
Wed Mar 26 17:07:25 EST 2003


    My initial reading of the listing for The Maltese Falcon with
facsimile DJ did not lead me to believe that both side of the DJ had been
reproduced; however after seeing your message I wrote to the seller
asking for clarification and for permission to send his reply
to the list. It follows below.


Dear Sharon,

You asked about the facsimile jackets I occasionally supply with Modern
Library Books on my eBay auctions. PLEASE NOTE THAT I USE THE WORD
"FACSIMILE" or "REPRO" or "LASER" in the descriptive title to help ensure
there is absolutely no confusion in anyone's mind.

Furthermore, under no conditions have I EVER made a facsimile which
reproduced the inside of a jacket...this could also lead to confusion or
mischief in the wrong hands and to go one step further, I stamp the front
and back flaps with the word "facsimile" in an indelible red ink. And, in
a final effort to avoid potential misuse of these jackets, I WILL NOT MAKE
(i.e. one without titles listed.)

In no way are these reproductions intended to ever be used to cheat or
fool someone. They provide an opportunity for some collectors to own
EXAMPLES of these wonderful jackets in their collections even if they
cannot afford to buy originals which, as I'm certain you know, have become
inordinately expensive over the past year or so.

In any case, thanks for your inquiry. If you are being told that the
jackets are printed on both sides you are getting incorrect information.

Best regards,

Sam Gottlieb
Scottsdale, AZ 

On Wed, 26 Mar 2003, j b krygier wrote:

> Hi Modlib people,
> Those of you who scour eBay for Modern Library
> books have probably noticed that a relatively
> well known Modern Library dealer is selling
> rare MLs with 'facsimile' dust jackets (Gatsby,
> Hammett).
> He must be starting with an orig. DJ in his
> collection. I assume he is making a high quality
> color zerox, or possibly scanning and printing the
> DJ on a high-rez ink jet printer.  The facsimilie
> includes both sides of the DJ, and I cannot tell
> that it is a copy from the images on the WWW.
> I am curious what people think about this!
> jk

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