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> Hi Modlib people,
> Those of you who scour eBay for Modern Library
> books have probably noticed that a relatively
> well known Modern Library dealer is selling
> rare MLs with 'facsimile' dust jackets (Gatsby,
> Hammett).
> He must be starting with an orig. DJ in his
> collection. I assume he is making a high quality
> color zerox, or possibly scanning and printing the
> DJ on a high-rez ink jet printer.  The facsimilie
> includes both sides of the DJ, and I cannot tell
> that it is a copy from the images on the WWW.
> I am curious what people think about this!
> jk

The question of course is whether they are identified as facsimiles.   
Facsimile DJs are not uncommon now that good color copies are available.  
Hopefully they are a sort of comfort thing for people who can't find a 
collectible book in DJ.  Tarzan books might be a good example.

If you had the DJ in front of you the difference would probably be obvious in 
terms of paper, folds, and minor wear.

But of course you already know this.

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