ML 24, Ouida In a Winter City

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Thanks, John.  This is very helpful.  I wonder if it's possible to date the
jacket on the basis of titles printed inside the front cover?  A fall 1925
list includes Dumas, Camille (69) and Gilbert, Pinafore and Other Plays
(113) but not Anderson, Poor White (115) and D'Annunzio, Maidens on the
Rocks (118); a spring 1926 list includes D'Annunzio, Maidens on the Rocks
(118) but not Joyce, Dubliners (124).  You might not have full entries for
these titles, but with luck you'll have enough to make them out.

I assume the list of titles at the end is the one ending on the first page
with DAVIDSON, Poems.

Thanks very much!

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> Does anyone have Ouida, In a Winter City in a ML, Inc. binding (#4) or
> jacket (Jacket 2 or 3)?
> I have a copy with a ML cover #4.  The "guts" have Brodzky endpapers, Boni
> and Liveright as publishers with the BL logo on the title page, First
> Printing on the copyright page, and a list of other titles at the end
> includes all the 1924 releases excepting Poe's Best Tales.  While the DJ
> cover I have is pristine, the cover is all I have.  No spine, flaps or
> back, so I am unable to date or identify with certainty, but I would guess
> DJ 2.  No torchbearer on the front, so it is not DJ 3.

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