Remainder marks

Wed Mar 5 21:02:03 EST 2003

Remember for most ML that are considered collectible, the jacket contributes 
the vast majority of the value(90% plus). Thus, a remainder mark on the book 
would not affect total value that much.

<< At 4:59 PM -0700 3/5/03, Ron Thoman wrote:
 >Is there a generally accepted rule among the ML group as to how remainder
 >marks affect the value of a ML book?  Assuming, for example, that one had a
 >VG/VG copy of a first that was valued at M in the Price Guide.  Could it be
 >VG/VG if it had a remainder mark?
 Technically, a remainder mark is a defect. So the briefest of 
 descriptions might be "remainder mark else VG/VG."
 >And if not, how much would the remainder
 >mark reduce the value?
 Depends on the scarcity of the piece. I contend that a remainder mark 
 on any B-L wouldn't make any difference (if there were remainder 
 marks on any BL's, and I don't know if there were). A remainder mark 
 on Gatsby wouldn't make much difference either, except to those few 
 who knew that the vast majority of Gatsbys (Gatsbies?) had remainder 
 marks ("discontinued" stamp actually), and so one without a remainder 
 mark would be quite scarce - even rare - indeed.
 >And does it matter what type remainder mark (i.e.
 >stamped star vs magic marker slash) and/or where the mark is?
 Definitely does to me!  A star or "discontinued" stamp is far 
 preferable to the disfigurement of the magic marker slash.
 Scot Kamins

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