Pricing recent MLs

j b krygier jbkrygie at
Mon Mar 3 20:27:22 EST 2003

Sharon Biederman wrote:

> and have not appreciated in value.  To include detailed information on all
> the titles the Guide would have to increase substantially in price and
> size with a significant portion devoted to information that is already
> available through Random House.  

I would agree that trying to include the flood of post '92
ML titles would be premature for the next revision of the
ML Price Guide (which Sharon is in charge of).  Alas, do
you remove them completely ('92-'00 titles are included
now) from the guide, as you cannot include all of the titles
(thru 2004 or 05 or whenever the next revision is due)?
I would actually support this.

I hate to suggest more work for dear Kamins, but maybe
a working list of post-1992 titles and variants could
be built on Dogeared, and constructed for some far
future version of the Guide...with contributions by
the folks here...???

I would also be curious what people think about removing the
1977-85 editions from the regular and giant sections in
the Guide, and putting them in their own section.  They
seem so qualitatively different (no number, different
binding, different djs) from the pre-1970 editions.  Those
ISBNs in the number column have never felt quite right...

John K.

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