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I had always assumed foxing was another form of dogearing, you know, like 
in, "the page corners were more fox-eared than dog-eared". The smartest 
people always ask the best questions, ay? dohhhhhhhhh.(Homer Simpson noise 

david m.

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 > >Please help this novice.  What is meant by foxing?
 > >
 > Ugly brown spots on the pages - sometimes on the edges of the
 > bookblock as well - caused sometimes by spurious organic doodads
 > (molds, fungus, etc) but more often by iron oxide left in the paper
 > pulp due to insufficient washing - essentially, the book is rusting!
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 > Scot Kamins

It has been ventured that it is called foxing because it looks like a fox 
run across the page with muddy feet.  I have no corroboration of this 
but it'll do until a better one surfaces (pardon the pun).


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