Pricing recent MLs

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The Price Guide is intended for ML collectors, so my recommendation would be
to limit coverage to ML books that collectors are currently interested in.

I've made no systematic attempt to keep up with ML books published since the
1992 relaunch.  It would be good if some ambitious person would attempt to
do so.  Many of the titles published since 1992 already exist in several
variants.  Jackets have changed frequently, usually to take advantage of
media tie-in opportunities.  The content of the books--especially the
preliminaries--has also been revised regularly.  Changes in content result
in new ISBN's.  For example, we have the 1996 ML edition of Joseph
Mitchell's JOE GOULD'S SECRET with one ISBN and the 2000 edition (with the
motion picture tie-in jacket) with a different ISBN.  The new ISBN reflects
the addition of  William Maxwell's Introduction and perhaps also the
revision and resetting of the biographical note on pp. v-vii.  Just tracking
the changes in ML titles published since 1992 will be a complex and
challenging undertaking.  A great project for somebody, and perhaps a great
service to the next generation of ML collectors.  But probably not essential
to the next edition of the Price Guide.


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> Greetings,
>    There is a pricing question I have struggled with concerning what
> should be included in the next Price Guide.  In the past few years new
> releases of Modern Library hardcovers and paperbacks have become
> ubiquitous.  They are readily available at many bookstores.  Although
> these books may become collectible at some point in the future (several
> people on this list believe this to be the case), they are not scarce now
> and have not appreciated in value.  To include detailed information on all
> the titles the Guide would have to increase substantially in price and
> size with a significant portion devoted to information that is already
> available through Random House.
>    My personal prejudice is toward the older books since I only collect
> the original series, but I don't want to overlook any significant new
> books.  Are there any new Modern Library paperbacks that listmembers would
> buy at more than the list price?  Are there any 1990s releases (other than
> the Emerson with the incorrect picture) that listmembers would pay more
> than the list price?  If so, why?
>    I'm considering Modern Library proofs, ML minis and other speciality
> itesm separately, so my question relates only to regulars, Giants and
> paperbacks.  Thanks in advance for your input.
>                       Sharon

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