Pricing recent MLs

Jimmy Williamson jwslaw at
Sun Mar 2 12:54:06 EST 2003

i cannot get into collecting the 90s series, although i have several;
i would say leave them out, or separate
also, i think some the 90s series wont necessarily measure up over the long
run as being great pieces of literature;
not every one of the original series is either, but a whole bunch have stood
up amazingly well
for whatever this is worth

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   There is a pricing question I have struggled with concerning what
should be included in the next Price Guide.  In the past few years new
releases of Modern Library hardcovers and paperbacks have become
ubiquitous.  They are readily available at many bookstores.  Although
these books may become collectible at some point in the future (several
people on this list believe this to be the case), they are not scarce now
and have not appreciated in value.  To include detailed information on all
the titles the Guide would have to increase substantially in price and
size with a significant portion devoted to information that is already
available through Random House.

   My personal prejudice is toward the older books since I only collect
the original series, but I don't want to overlook any significant new
books.  Are there any new Modern Library paperbacks that listmembers would
buy at more than the list price?  Are there any 1990s releases (other than
the Emerson with the incorrect picture) that listmembers would pay more
than the list price?  If so, why?

   I'm considering Modern Library proofs, ML minis and other speciality
itesm separately, so my question relates only to regulars, Giants and
paperbacks.  Thanks in advance for your input.


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