False Statement

j b krygier jbkrygie at owu.edu
Sun Mar 2 10:25:22 EST 2003


> The following statement is quite false and I feel compelled to correct
> it on the modlib page.
> "The Modern Library,which had been Boni's idea. It was modeled on
> Everyman's Library in London,but Everyman's was very English and
> included no American authors at all."
> Bennett Cerf:AT RANDOM   Pp.40
> Random House 1977

I am curious how Everyman's Library became "English" and
the Modern Library became "American" despite the fact that
the first 12 titles of the ML were all European, and the
first dozen titles of the EL contained a substantial number
of American authors:


Myth-making in process!

The first American author in the ML seems to have been
Howells' (25.1) "Hazard of New Fortunes" which I believe
was the first failure (discontinued title) in the series.

John K.

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