ML 161.1 vs 161.2

j b krygier jbkrygie at
Sat Mar 1 10:00:38 EST 2003

 > Ron Thoman wrote

 > Can someone tell me the difference between a later 161.1 (say a 1950s
 > edition - the Guide says 161.1 ran from 1929-1954) and a 161.2.  I have one
 > of each (according to catalogs in the back), but I can't see a difference.
 > So I'm curious about why 161.1 became 161.2.


> Yes,check numbering and titles of margins. Guide notes "margin T" on
> 161.2

this is a confusing title, and i think the dates associated
with the change from 161.1 to 161.2 are not quite right.  i
have a copy of what should be 161.2 given the date of the book
which is identical with a much older 161.1 HC copy.

john k.

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