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Lewis Tanner take5 at
Mon Jun 30 13:51:55 EDT 2003

I've been buying ML editions for many years but I've never worried about
whether my ML editions were first editions; I'm not interested in dust
covers (most of my ML editions don't have have them), nor in the quality
(most of my ML editions are in extremely poor condition with broken
spines, jackets almost completely separated from the book, torn pages,
crumbling or yellow pages, etc.) I just prefer these books from the
Cerf/Klopfer era because they are longer lasting than paperbacks and
because they afford me a pleasure independent of their condition;
they are small in size, easy to carry around, and are complete and
unabridged (I must note that I also also like the small sized books
published by Oxford UP and Yale.) I've purchased them at flea markets,
4th Avenue [NYC], and book fairs. There are no longer any
bookstores on 4th Ave. and the Hudson Guild book fair (NYC), where I
purchased most of my used books, is also defunct so that there are
less places in NYC where one can find bargains. I've never
purchased anything on the net; I prefer to go to book fairs and
similar venues where I can see and examine the books. Does
anyone have a list of book fairs/used bookstores in NYC? I've already
looked at the lists on various web sites but none seems complete.
thanks, Lewis        
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