the newest modern library series

Richard Ugland ugland.1 at
Fri Jun 20 15:41:52 EDT 2003

I share some of the concerns recently expressed about the production 
quality of the volumes in the latest modern library series, which 
resurrected our beloved ML in 1992.  But what really delighted me about the 
message was that someone was talking about the new series at all.  Sure, 
there have been comments on it from time to time, but for the most part the 
series seems to be greeted by those on this list--a couple of exceptions 
noted--with indifference at best and disdain at worst.  Thankfully, Henry 
does pay it deserved attention in the price guide.

I for one have been thrilled that the ML is back.  Sure, I quibble with 
some of the title selection, and, yes, it took some time to accept the 
jacket design, which apes the Library of America jackets for pedestrianism, 
but we should cheer the multiple printings many titles already have had, 
and wish the new series well.  For even if one doesn't collect it, one can 
hope that it will spark interest in a new generation of collectors for the 
older series.


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