BL Winesburg Ohio First edition ?

j b krygier jbkrygie at
Thu Jun 19 14:34:32 EDT 2003

Scot Kamins wrote:

> At 5:53 PM -0700 6/18/03, JOSEPH HILL wrote:
>> Try to only buy copies with a dust jacket.
> (Rising to the bait) But Joseph Old Top, collecting with dust jackets is 
> merely ONE of the ways ML collecting can be enjoyed! Must stamp 
> collectors collect ONLY "mint never hinged" ? NO!!! Must coin collectors 
> focus only on certified MS-65? HEAVENS FORFEND! Must those who save the 
> whales only save orcas (although orcas do take up less room then other 
> types? I DENY THIS!

Scot, you are a veritable laugh riot!

I do wonder if what we really collect are dustjackets, and
the books are merely dustjacket storage devices.

john k.

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