BL Winesburg Ohio First edition ?

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Mine lists all up to "Fifth..." would you say the seller over-represented the book ? (I'm not trying to cheap-out on the sale at this point. The book was nicely-priced and is one of the nicer BL editions I've seen). Mostly, I'm just wondering at the degree to which the Toledano listings are limited in precision for "points" such as this.


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  The first three printings (April 1919-January 1921) were by B. W. Huebsch, the original publisher of Winesburg, Ohio from whose plates ML printings were made.  The fourth printing (December 1921) is probably the first ML printing.  I have ML copies that state "Fourth printing" and "Fifth printing" on the copyright page.

  Barry Neavill

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    Hello all,

    My first post - but I've enjoyed "lurking" and learning as my interest in ML collecting becomes a bit of an obsession ;-)

    I have obtained (on Ebay) a very pretty copy of Anderson's "Winesburg Ohio" (no DJ), in what my Toledano book identifies as the #2 binding. I (and the seller) had assumed that meant it was a first edition, but the copyright page inside explicitly lists a number of printings up to "Fifth printing, March 1922".

    Now I'm confused. Do I have a later printing ?

    -Daryl Anderson
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