B&L and early ML jackets for WINESBURG, OHIO

Gordon Neavill aa3401 at wayne.edu
Thu Jun 12 14:18:58 EDT 2003

Thanks, Pete--that's what the clipped description I've seen from an early ML
jacket says.  So there were two versions of the B&L jacket!


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> Barry,
> I have a Winesburg B and L jacket that starts "When the Dial Award of
> to the writer who had done most for literature ..." It is different than
> jacket on the website. One of the titles listed on the front flap is
> Wuthering Heights(listed as number 107, not 106- very strange).
> Pete
> << Does anyone have Anderson's WINESBURG, OHIO in a Boni & Liveright
> (Dj 1) or early ML jacket (DJ 2 or 3)?
>  The only B&L jacket I've seen is on the one on the website and it's too
> small for me to read the front panel text.  I transcribe the front panel
text in
> my bibliography and need a legible photocopy.
>  I've seen clipped front panel text from an early ML jacket (DJ 2 or 3)
> I've transcribed, but I can't date it without a list of titles.  If you
> this and can safely photocopy the front panel along with the list of
> I'd be very grateful.  Otherwise could you just photocopy the front panel,
> we can figure out the date by email.
>  The B&L jacket text on the website and the text from the early ML jacket
> I've seen are different--which is unusual.  Anderson complained to
> about the B&L jacket text in February 1924, and Liveright promised to
change it in
> the next printing--so it's possible that a late B&L jacket could have
> different text from the 1923 jacket on the website.  If you have a late
B&L jacket
> that appears to be different from the 1923 jacket on the website, please
let me
> know!
>  Many thanks,
>  Barry
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