B&L and early ML jackets for WINESBURG, OHIO

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Thu Jun 12 13:43:48 EDT 2003

I have a Winesburg B and L jacket that starts "When the Dial Award of $2,000 
to the writer who had done most for literature ..." It is different than the 
jacket on the website. One of the titles listed on the front flap is Bronte's 
Wuthering Heights(listed as number 107, not 106- very strange). 

<< Does anyone have Anderson's WINESBURG, OHIO in a Boni & Liveright jacket 
(Dj 1) or early ML jacket (DJ 2 or 3)?  
 The only B&L jacket I've seen is on the one on the website and it's too 
small for me to read the front panel text.  I transcribe the front panel text in 
my bibliography and need a legible photocopy.
 I've seen clipped front panel text from an early ML jacket (DJ 2 or 3) that 
I've transcribed, but I can't date it without a list of titles.  If you have 
this and can safely photocopy the front panel along with the list of titles, 
I'd be very grateful.  Otherwise could you just photocopy the front panel, and 
we can figure out the date by email.
 The B&L jacket text on the website and the text from the early ML jacket 
I've seen are different--which is unusual.  Anderson complained to Liveright 
about the B&L jacket text in February 1924, and Liveright promised to change it in 
the next printing--so it's possible that a late B&L jacket could have 
different text from the 1923 jacket on the website.  If you have a late B&L jacket 
that appears to be different from the 1923 jacket on the website, please let me 
 Many thanks,
 Gordon B. Neavill
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