jack maclean jack at
Tue Jun 10 21:21:45 EDT 2003

>   Thanks go to Joseph Hill for finding out a location on e-bay to 
>protest this sort of thing.

I started receiving this request 2 months ago and there was no way to 
forward it to e bay. But it is right up there with the NIGERIANS that 
want to put a million dollars in my bank account.
Are there really people out there that fall for this???

Anyway as J. Hill says, forward (spoofs) to the http below.

>Thank you for contacting eBay's Trust & Safety Department about an email
>you received from an address that includes '' but that may not
>be an authentic email from eBay.  We will investigate this situation
>Please be advised that there have been cases where people have attempted
>to gain access to an eBay member's personal information by sending
>"spoof" emails. Spoof emails intentionally give the false impression
>that they have been sent by eBay to solicit people to transmit their
>account information. Based on your inquiry to eBay's Trust and Safety
>Department, the email you received was likely a spoof.
>eBay is very concerned about spoof email and is taking prompt action to
>address the issue. If you think you may have entered personal
>information into a spoof site, we advise you to review the information
>at the web address below, which contains more detailed information about
>the following steps:
>1.  Change your eBay password and email account password
>Periodically changing your password is one of the most effective ways to
>maintain security on any Web site. If you think there is a possibility
>of a breach in your account security, we strongly suggest that you begin
>by changing your password.
>2.  Forward the email to Spoof at
>If you haven't already done so, please forward a copy of the email,
>(which will include the full header), to spoof at Forwarding the
>email will help us investigate this matter more quickly. Please do not
>forward the email as an attachment or alter the subject line in any way.
>For more information on how to identify a header, please visit:
>3. Protect your identity
>If you entered information such as your social security number or credit
>card numbers into a web site that you were directed to via a spoofed
>email, you need to take immediate action to protect your identity. The
>following web sites have valuable information on the steps you should
>take to protect yourself:
>  eBay Help:
>  U.S. Government ID Theft Site:
>  BBB ID Theft Site:
>As we move forward with our investigation, we will contact you if we
>need further information.  In order to dedicate resources to
>investigating this type of situation, please submit any other questions
>or concerns through our Help System, which can be accessed by clicking
>on the Help button at the top of any eBay page.
>*Please do not respond to this email as your reply will not be received.
>If you need to contact us again, please use the eBay Help system.
>We appreciate your efforts in helping keep eBay a safe online
>eBay Trust & Safety Team

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