IS THERE A 116.1?

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The B&L Zuleika Dobson without the Hackett introduction is the first printing.  It has Henry's C3 list of titles opposite the title page and is Henry's 50.1.  It was published in late spring 1918.  Not all copies have the printed slip you mention.  Subsequent B&L printings (Henry's 50.2)  include the Hackett introduction.  I know of at least three B&L printings with the introduction.  The first 50.2 printing appeared later in 1918 and has Henry's C4 list of titles opposite the title page.

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  Barry, now I'm confused.  When was the Hackett intro included?  I have a  BL Zuleika sans dj that is also sans the hackett intro, but does have this little printed tag bound in after the title page saying "Francis Hackett's intro was received too late to include in this edition", which made me assume that this was a first.  Is this a 50.1 or a 50.2?   

  John Peterson

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    Beerbohm's Zuleika Dobson, published as ML 116 in 1926, was the first (and
    only) title to be assigned the number 116.  However, this was Zuleika
    Dobson's second appearance in the ML.  It originally appeared as ML 50 in
    1918 and was discontinued around the end of 1922 or a little later.  (It was
    probably withdrawn by Dodd, Mead, the original American publisher, which
    released a new printing of its own (complete with the Hackett introduction)
    in 1924.  Cerf and Klopfer were able to get it back in 1926.

    So it really ought to be 116.1 (with a note that this wasn't Zuleika
    Dobson's first appearance in the series).


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    > And if so, what is it?
    > John Wolansky
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