DJ Project: Additions, plus some important notes on color variations

j b krygier jbkrygie at
Thu Jun 5 17:46:35 EDT 2003

Scot Kamins wrote:

> Ordinarily I don't include color variations in the database, but Barry 
> made this rather persuasive argument and included some important 
> comments we all should know about:
>  >>>>>>>>  
> Another issue I wanted to raise concerns the brighter jackets on coated 
> paper that began to be used in 1937 on most of the new balloon cloth 
> titles and a few of the older ones.  Most of the brighter jackets on 
> coated paper were created when the ML switched to the larger Blumenthal 
> format beginning in fall 1939, but several were introduced on balloon 
> cloth volumes and then enlarged for the Blumenthal volumes.  In a few 
> cases the balloon cloth and Blumenthal binding versions had minor design 
> variants.  The jacket for Huxley's Point Counter Point, for 
> example, included the initials McKK (McKnight Kauffer, the designer) in 
> the balloon cloth version and omitted them in the enlarged version.  

Another example of this is the 'glossy' DJ for Balzac's
Droll Stories.  This is the DJ with the three chuckling
monks.  I have a balloon cloth copy with 268 titles on
the DJ which is printed in shades of blue/blue green
rather than the brown scheme (on my HC copy).  I am
wondering if the color changed to brown on the first HC
issue of this title?  If so, the color difference is an
easy way to distinguish the HC from the balloon.  The blue
scheme looks much better!

John K.

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