DJ Project: Additions, plus some important notes on color variations

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Wed Jun 4 23:01:09 EDT 2003

John Krygier sent/suggested these images:
Henry James, "Daisy Miller & AN International Episode" 1925

Dorothy Parker, "Collected Poetry" 1958

Here's a color variation sent by Barry Neavill:
Max Beerbohm, "Zuleika Dobson" 1965

Ordinarily I don't include color variations in the database, but 
Barry made this rather persuasive argument and included some 
important comments we all should know about:

I think color differences are significant.  Most collectors would 
probably like to know that a jacket was redesigned (color is part of 
design) and in particular which design came first.   For example, the 
Bergson jacket I sent (orange and black) is identical, except for 
color, to the more common gray and black jacket that was already 
posted.  The first printing had the orange jacket; later 
printings had the gray.  . . . (I agree that there's no point to 
posting multiple colors of the typographic jackets used on balloon 
cloth volumes.  In this case, each jacket came in more than one 
color; it wasn't a matter of redesigning the jacket.)

Another issue I wanted to raise concerns the brighter jackets on 
coated paper that began to be used in 1937 on most of the new balloon 
cloth titles and a few of the older ones.  Most of the brighter 
jackets on coated paper were created when the ML switched to the 
larger Blumenthal format beginning in fall 1939, but several were 
introduced on balloon cloth volumes and then enlarged for the 
Blumenthal volumes.  In a few cases the balloon cloth and Blumenthal 
binding versions had minor design variants.  The jacket for 
Huxley's Point Counter Point, for example, included the initials McKK 
(McKnight Kauffer, the designer) in the balloon cloth version and 
omitted them in the enlarged version.  In most cases, the jackets 
were enlarged without significant changes (Cellini's Autobiography, 
Steinbeck's Tortilla Flat).  It seems to me that collectors would 
like to know *all* the jackets that balloon cloth volumes came in. 
At present if you show a jacket from a Blumenthal volume (such as the 
1941 jacket for Louys' Aphrodite) there's no way of knowing that it 
was also used on later balloon cloth printings.  The 1939 Cellini 
jacket you show happens to be from a balloon cloth volume, but this 
isn't clear since the change to the larger format took place in fall 

There aren't many jackets where the color changed; most of these 
(like the Beerbohm) date from the mid and late 1960s.  Jackets that 
were used on both later balloon cloth and Blumenthal volumes (again, 
there aren't that many) could have two dates, one indicated use on 
balloon cloth, the other on the Blumenthal format. 

Unless Barry objects, I'm going to add these comments (credited, of 
course) to the introductory page of the DJ project at Dogeared.

Scot Kamins
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