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Here's a challenge: How many actors can you name who have been featured on ML jackets?  Media tie-ins have been common in the current series, so you have to be an affectionado of post-1992 volumes to get top marks.  I'm familiar with a few but have made no systematic attempt to keep up with the volumes published over the past ten years.  You can start with Ted Danson and Patrick Stewart ... and go on from there.

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  I agree the Dana first-edition jacket is a bit florid, but I think you have to include because it also among the most colorful and elaborately detailed of all the ML jackets. In addition to Alan Ladd, you can also clearly make out Brian Donlevy, William Bendix and Esther Fernandez from the movie cast. (I'm not sure I see any pirates, though.) 
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    If I were to add my two measly cents: the winnder for most deceptive Dj
    would have to go to Dana's Two Years Before the Mast?it looks like a
    movie poster with pirates and damsels in distress neither of which
    actually enters into the story...

    K Storr

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