...On Book Series Collectors

j b krygier jbkrygie at owu.edu
Wed Jul 16 21:06:28 EDT 2003

Hi Modlib,

I came across a book called 'Collectible Books' (ed.
Jean Peters, 1979) with a chapter on collecting 'Books
in Series' by a burr of a chap named William Todd.

To quote Mr. Todd in his chapter:

"Of all the areas in the great realm of book production
there is none, perhaps, that at first glance is less
appealing than collections of series.  Unlike most other
collecting pursuits, where the collector can exercise
some discretion - where indeed...one may move freely,
uninhibited by any constraints - books in series impose
their own order or rationale, compelling the collector
to complete obeisance."

I guess we are all obedient slaves to the series!


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