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 And it certainly is true that the Merrimack Valley (about 
> 30 miles NW of Boston just south of the New Hampshire border) is not 
> exactly a center of literary fervor! Lowell and Lawrence were mill 
> towns, booming (so to speak) from the American c war period up to 
> around the turn of the 20th century when all the mills headed South. 
> For the last 100 years the entire area has been a pit.

that's hardly fair.
i am not areas biggest fan but it's hardly a pit.
it's no worse than medford, malden, melrose or lynn...well lawrence maybe, but not the entire valley.
the worst i will say is that it is typical of boston's urban surrounds...only more so.

> For about 20  years (1980-2000 or so) there was a mini-electronics boom, but it  went the way of the stock market.

i must have slept thru that..i dont' think it came up this far.

> (BTW, my dates may be mixed up; it's been a while since this stuff 
> was fresh in my head.)

it's quite fresh in mine.
i do pro bono book repairs for the local archives.

lawrence could be greatly improved by a nice scale 8 quake.
methuen just needs a good neutron bombing, leave the architechure remove the infestation.

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