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At 8:41 AM -0400 7/15/03, J Godsey wrote:
>  > Here I thought that MA was the center of the universe at least as far as
>>  books and stuff like that are concerned.
>>  Next you'll there are Harvard students who don't read.
>no no no ...
>boston is the HUB of the universe.

Well, at least as far as education and traditional culture is 
concerned. And it certainly is true that the Merrimack Valley (about 
30 miles NW of Boston just south of the New Hampshire border) is not 
exactly a center of literary fervor! Lowell and Lawrence were mill 
towns, booming (so to speak) from the American c war period up to 
around the turn of the 20th century when all the mills headed South. 
For the last 100 years the entire area has been a pit. For about 20 
years (1980-2000 or so) there was a mini-electronics boom, but it 
went the way of the stock market.

(BTW, my dates may be mixed up; it's been a while since this stuff 
was fresh in my head.)
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