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i collect ML's in the same condition and for the same reasons as yourself.
a lot of mine have dj's but i only care when the artwork was cool.

i prefer the ML edition, for size & durability than most of the orginal editions.

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 > I've been buying ML editions for many years but I've never worried about
 > whether my ML editions were first editions; I'm not interested in dust
 > covers (most of my ML editions don't have have them), nor in the quality
 > (most of my ML editions are in extremely poor condition with broken
 > spines, jackets almost completely separated from the book, torn pages,
 > crumbling or yellow pages, etc.) I just prefer these books from the
 > Cerf/Klopfer era because they are longer lasting than paperbacks and
 > because they afford me a pleasure independent of their condition;
 > they are small in size, easy to carry around, and are complete and
 > unabridged (I must note that I also also like the small sized books
 > published by Oxford UP and Yale.) I've purchased them at flea markets,
 > 4th Avenue [NYC], and book fairs. There are no longer any
 > bookstores on 4th Ave. and the Hudson Guild book fair (NYC), where I
 > purchased most of my used books, is also defunct so that there are
 > less places in NYC where one can find bargains. I've never
 > purchased anything on the net; I prefer to go to book fairs and
 > similar venues where I can see and examine the books. Does
 > anyone have a list of book fairs/used bookstores in NYC? I've already
 > looked at the lists on various web sites but none seems complete.
 > thanks, Lewis
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