which book would you add to the ML lineup

j b krygier jbkrygie at owu.edu
Tue Jul 1 16:12:44 EDT 2003

J Godsey wrote:

> suggestions anyone?

This is a tough question!  I started thinking about
'classics' (that actually piqued my interest when I
read them) which were not in the original ML - and
some are in the new ML (for example, The Jungle or
The Count of MC).  Others are not (1984, Lord of the
Flies - but High Wind in Jamaica can stand in for it).

But it was hard to find many that were missing - the
ML did a good job covering most major authors and
types of literature (from the Western tradition).

I do wish the ML had a collection of M.R. James ghost
stories - certainly the pinnacle of the classic (and
literary) ghost story.  This title would be a good
companion to Dracula.

One more wish: a 'Readers Guide to the Modern Library'
with brief comments on each title in the series and its
significance (for readers more than collectors).

And why not Jackson's 'Anatomy of Bibliomania'?  This
strange and wonderful monument to reading and possessing
books captures the spirit of the literature in the ML
(and the desire to actually acquire and cherish books -
something series like the ML made possible for many
people) and would have been a fitting replacement for
Newton's 'Amenities of Book Collecting.'

john k

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