DJ Project: A Few New Additions

j b krygier jbkrygie at
Thu Jan 30 21:26:14 EST 2003

Scot Kamins wrote:

 >>Sharon Biederman sent me a 1st of Tristam Shandy showing less text
 >>than another jacket later that same year. Can anybody figure why they
 >>shortened the text?

Sharon Biederman wrote:

>     The Tristram Shandy DJ I sent actually had more text than the
> subsequent versions. What I found interesting is that the original text
> was a justification for the book's inclusion in the Modern Library series,
> whereas the later versions merely indicate that the book is complete and
> unabridged.

As the owner of the other 1928 Tristam Shandy on
that page (the one in the middle, with less DJ text),
I am curious which of the two came first.  My copy
does say "First Modern Library Edition 1928" and
has the spring 1928 list (yes to Dumas, The Three
Musketeers and no Apuleius, Golden Ass).  The back of
the DJ is style 'c' (p. 164 in Henry's Guide).  It is
binding 4, leatherette (and quite fragrant - I can
only imagine what the ML warehouse smelled like
when filled with the leatherette books).

Given that the shorter text on mine is the same as
on the later (1930) DJ I might guess that Sharon
has the actual 1st DJ.  Or do we have another case
(like 'The Cabala') of several different 1st ed. DJs?


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