DJ Project: A Few New Additions

Scot Kamins kamins at
Thu Jan 30 14:41:13 EST 2003


This week shows a few interesting additions to the dust jacket database:

John Krygier sent in a noteworthy color & icon variation on a 
Wordsworth Selected Poetry. While the original was in black, the 1969 
DJ went to a brilliant purple-red!

Sharon Biederman sent me a 1st of Tristam Shandy showing less text 
than another jacket later that same year. Can anybody figure why they 
shortened the text?

And finally, Kevin King sent in a French Romances DJ. Common as this 
title is, I can't imagine why it took us two years to get an example, 
but here it is.

Thanks to folks who sent in color variations. In general simple color 
variations aren't added to the database for the sake of space. 
Occassionally I make an exception if the difference is striking 
enough and if some other feature is also changed.

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