Outline of Abnormal Psychology

Sharon Biederman sbiederm at nova.umuc.edu
Sun Jan 26 17:29:42 EST 2003

Hi John,

     The correct first has 150 titles and is bound in the the transitional
spine (balloon cloth decorated in #4 spine style and Bernhard endpapers).
It does state first.  Your copies are early reprints.

      I don't know much about how they chose the colors, but I have seen
the same printing in different color bindings.  Perhaps Barry Neavill
has more information about this subject.


On Sun, 26 Jan 2003, j b krygier wrote:

> Hi Modlib people,
> I recently found a copy of "An Outline of Abnormal
> Psychology" (#152.1) in balloon cloth binding - and
> - oddly - have a similar 2nd copy of this title.
> In both cases the back of the DJ says 159 titles,
> and the list of titles dates the DJ to spring of
> 1929 (the DJs are identical).  Both DJs are printed
> on blue paper (the DJ copy at Scot's site has the
> tan paper).
> Both books have spine #5 (with the grapes).  One
> has a mauveish binding and endpapers, the other
> a blue binding and endpapers.  Neither says "First
> Modern Library Edition."
> Henry's Guide says that the first edition of this
> title was 1929, with binding #5, and 159 on the
> DJ.  The Guide also indicates that "FMLEd" is
> noted on the first.
> So what do I have here?  Two copies of 1st edition
> DJs with a second printing book?  Unfortunately,
> there is no list of titles in the back of the books
> to precisely date them - altho the spine limits it
> to 1929/30.
> Anyone have a copy that says "First Modern Library
> Edition"?  Or another one like my two copies?
> Would the same printing of a ML book have two different
> binding colors?
> john k.

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