Outline of Abnormal Psychology

j b krygier jbkrygie at owu.edu
Sun Jan 26 17:20:53 EST 2003

Hi Modlib people,

I recently found a copy of "An Outline of Abnormal
Psychology" (#152.1) in balloon cloth binding - and
- oddly - have a similar 2nd copy of this title.

In both cases the back of the DJ says 159 titles,
and the list of titles dates the DJ to spring of
1929 (the DJs are identical).  Both DJs are printed
on blue paper (the DJ copy at Scot's site has the
tan paper).

Both books have spine #5 (with the grapes).  One
has a mauveish binding and endpapers, the other
a blue binding and endpapers.  Neither says "First
Modern Library Edition."

Henry's Guide says that the first edition of this
title was 1929, with binding #5, and 159 on the
DJ.  The Guide also indicates that "FMLEd" is
noted on the first.

So what do I have here?  Two copies of 1st edition
DJs with a second printing book?  Unfortunately,
there is no list of titles in the back of the books
to precisely date them - altho the spine limits it
to 1929/30.

Anyone have a copy that says "First Modern Library
Edition"?  Or another one like my two copies?

Would the same printing of a ML book have two different
binding colors?

john k.

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