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I wonder if this is part of a phenomenon that might be underway because of 
the movie "The Hours," based on the book by the same name by Michael 
Cunningham which is based in turn on Virginia Woolf's "Mrs. Dalloway."  The 
popularity of this movie and book could be creating a demand for related 
materials on the part of people who are new to the field of book collecting 
but who have developed a strong relationship (politer than saying 
"obsession") with all things Dalloway.

Virginia Woolf seems to have sort of a cult following in some circles.  There 
was also a novel -- and in my opinion, quite a good one -- titled "Mr. 
Dalloway" by Robin Lippincott published in 1999 and full of "woolfian 
sentences and moments" as described by one reviewer.  

I myself had not been that familiar with "Mrs. Dalloway" until I read Mr. 
Lippincott's "Mr. Dalloway" as a local book club activity.  One thing led to 
another, I bought Mr. Cunningham's "The Hours," and became much more aware of 
Virginia Woolf's life and also her tragic death.

It might be worthwhile to take extra notice of all things Woolfian in ML for 
awhile, especially now that the movie "The Hours" is winning awards (Golden 
Globe) and that in turn will lead to increased book sales, and, and...   Just 
a thought. What do you think folks?

PS.  Good thing I got lucky and found a 1925 ML "Mrs. Dalloway" in a local 
resale shop last year before all this got started.  Life is good. 

Best regards,
Gordon R. McCoy 
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