1980 Series

Jimmy Williamson jwslaw at jimmywilliamson.com
Thu Jan 16 21:33:05 EST 2003

i meant psuedointellectual because the books as shelved are for actual
intellects (i.e. , the ones who read them and have read them) and are
equally , if not more, attractive, for those who wish to project the image
that they have read them
i love to read, and have read dozens since i started collecting, but am
nowhere near the halfway point
as for punctuation, this is email; to hell with it

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At 8:36 AM -0800 1/16/03, Scot Kamins wrote:
>At 10:10 AM -0600 1/16/03, Jimmy Williamson wrote:
>>i agree, that there is an attractive look to the mls when you have several
>>shelved; it is both colorful and psuedointellectual
>Huh? Do you really mean "?"

Oops. That should be "Huh? Do you really mean psuedointellectual?"

>- Scot

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