1980 Series

david medsker dsmedsker at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 16 15:14:38 EST 2003

One's brain candy is another's oracle.

I can just see the $50,000 check from Random House Marketing for the focus 
group that couldn't come up with this kind of evaluatory to save it's life! 
Is someone copying them on all this?

david in coeur d'alene

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At 11:04 AM -0600 1/16/03, Joe Singleton wrote:
>mini morsels of noble literature for the psuedointellectual traveller!
I disagree. The Modern Library didn't publish abridged works. There is 
nothing psuedointellectual about the series. I used many ML libraries both 
as an undergraduate and as a graduate student right through the Ph.D. level.

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